How to Make Additional Income Streams from Your Skip Bin Business

Owning a skip bin business can be a lucrative income stream in and of itself. There are some points throughout the year, however, that you may feel a bit of a strain due to a slow request period. If this is the case, you may have considered ways to bring in additional money to supplement those times. What may surprise you is, you may already have the additional income streams sitting right in your skip bins. Here are a few of those options to consider.

Scrap Metal

If your skip bins service construction sites or real estate developments undergoing remodels and renovations, then this may be the ideal option for an additional income. The scrap metal, and metal pieces from the home or site, can be resold to scrap metal companies by weight. You can collect the scrap metal during the busy times for your skip bins and then sell that scrap metal when the price is high.

Antique Home Parts

You may not think about it when your skip bins arrive at a home renovation site, but you may actually have a solid additional income stream sitting right under your nose. Antique door knobs, doors, windows, and light fixtures can be sold to antique dealers and sold to collectors as well. People who are renovating their vintage home, especially if they want the home to look like it did originally, will be seeking certain home parts as well.

Reclaimed Timber

Many green living home renovators and builders are moving toward the idea of using reclaimed timber, wood pallets, and other similar materials as opposed to new building materials. If your skip bins are placed at locations, such as barn and wood building demolition, then you may find your bins filled with the types wood builders are looking for. Consider separating this timber and selling it to the local community or directly to green living based builders who are seeking this type of material. YOu may also find repeat clients from this endeavor.

This are just three of the options that may be available to you for additional income streams from your skip bins. Consider the types of materials you receive in the skip bins most often, how difficult it would be to remove those items and prepare them for resell, and the reselling options to determine if these or other options are right for you and if further development would be necessary before working on the selected income stream.