Important Pieces You Don’t Want to Overlook for Your Wedding Hire

When renting pieces for your outdoor wedding or wedding you're having at home, you may know to get a tent or canopy for the reception, tables and chairs, and of course generators for the caterers and lights. However, there are probably many other pieces you may be overlooking for your wedding hire and which can make your day much more enjoyable for everyone, including you! Note a few of those pieces here so you don't overlook them on your big day.


For an outdoor wedding, what will the bride and groom stand under or in front of while they exchange vows? If there is not an obvious feature at your location such as a paved patio area, you want an archway. This provides a good frame for photos and can also add a bit of a formal touch to an outdoor ceremony.


When guests arrive, will they know how to find your location exactly? It may not be enough for them to show up at a certain park or outdoor area, so extra signage can be needed. This may include directions to a spot or your name; remember that there may be other weddings and events planned for that same location and time, and you don't want guests to get mixed up as to your area in particular.

Trash receptacles

When planning on items you need for your wedding hire, you may be thinking of all the pretty pieces that will make the day seem picture-perfect, but don't forget the practical items, including added trash receptacles. There is nothing less attractive for any wedding than overflowing trash bins, even if they're kept in the kitchen or another area out of sight of guests. Overflowing bins can also attract bugs and other pests throughout the day and evening, and start to smell! Be sure you rent added receptacles with lids as needed for everyone's convenience and cleanliness.

Chair ties and table runners

Plain white chairs are good for a wedding but they can look a bit drab and dull, as can plain white tablecloths. Thick chair ties dress up this look and might also add some cushioning to the backs of chairs, which can make guests feel more comfortable. Some table runners are also disposable and this can cut down on the possibility of stains on the tablecloths. When renting tables and chairs, be sure to consider ties and runners even for the most casual of weddings.