Shipping Food Products Using a Shipping Container: A Guide

If you need to ship food products which require refrigeration, a shipping container may be the best option for you. Shipping containers help to ensure that your food products are delivered to your client in peak condition. Below are some things to consider when hiring a shipping container.


You should package your food products in a strong and leak-resistant container. You should add additional corner blocks to the container to prevent the food products from shifting around during transit. You should then consider adding insulation and dry ice to maintain the correct temperature within the shipping container.


When shipping food products which are sensitive to changes in temperature, it is important that they are well insulated. Insulation such as plastic pellets or styrofoam peanuts will help to protect your food product from changes in the external temperature while also helping to maintain a steady internal temperature within the packaging which contains your food products.

Dry Ice

If you require the food to be kept very cold, you should consider investing in dry ice. Dry ice comes in a variety of forms such as gel packs of foam blocks. The benefit of using dry ice is that it keeps food items cold without introducing any additional moisture into the shipping containers internal environment.

A Refrigerated Unit

Although it will cost you more to hire a refrigerated container unit compared to a standard or budget unit, the additional features may make it worthwhile. Refrigerated container units are climate controlled using their own cooling and air conditioning system, which means you can be certain that your food products will arrive in perfect condition.

Environmental Concerns

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be seen to be environmentally friendly in their business practices. Although your clients will be pleased to receive their food products in excellent condition, they may be concerned about the impact additional insulation and dry ice packs have on the environment.

You can address any environmental concerns by investing in commercial cooling chests which can be returned by your clients once the delivery is complete. This will help to reduce the environmental impact of your operation. You may also consider using environmentally friendly insulation such as biodegradable styrofoam peanuts

If you have any questions about the best commercial shipping container solution for your business, you should contact a professional commercial shipping container company today for further help and advice.