How Used Printers Differ from Refurbished Printers

Are you wondering whether you should replace your old office printer with a used printer or a refurbished printer? Read on and discover what the difference is between a used office printer and a refurbished office printer in case you are not able to buy a completely new piece of equipment.

Used Office Printer

A used office printer is a printer that has been put up for sale after being used for some time. These printers are usually put on the market without subjecting them to thorough tests to confirm how well they are functioning. Additionally, there is no standard way to describe their condition. For instance, one person may call a used printer excellent while another will describe its condition as fair. This subjectivity makes it hard for one to compare different printers on the used office equipment market. The advantage of such used printers is that they are usually more affordable to buy when compared to refurbished printers.

Refurbished Office Printers

Refurbished office printers are printers that have been restored to near-factory condition after someone used that printer for some time. For instance, all the toner and ink is removed from all parts of the printer prior to putting it up for sale so that the old ink or toner doesn't affect the quality of the prints produced by that machine. Furthermore, the software of the printer is usually upgraded so that the refurbished printer is compatible with the latest devices on the market. Some old parts, such as the printing film, may also be replaced with new parts. All the moving parts are lubricated so that they will not seize up as its buyer is using the printer.

The only downside of refurbished office printers is that they are more expensive when compared to used printers. However, this higher cost is justifiable given the fact that you will usually receive a guarantee that the equipment will work.

As you can see from the discussion above, used office printers differ significantly from refurbished office printers. You should therefore think carefully about your needs before you choose between a used printer and a refurbished one. You may also consult an expert for help in evaluating the different printers available on the market in case you are unable to select one on your own. That expert will help guide you through office printer sales so you can find one that meets your needs.