Three ways drones could help your land surveyor

When you need to speak to a land surveyor about having a survey carried out, there are only two factors that really matter when it comes to creating a successful survey.

  • The survey must be highly accurate
  • The survey must have the right data to be suitable for your purposes

If the survey isn't accurate, then it doesn't matter how good it looks or how nicely it is presented; the survey will not ultimately have any lasting value. If the survey isn't detailed enough or doesn't record sufficient data then, once again, the survey will not be useful to you. The challenge for a land surveyor is to fulfil these two criteria in a timely manner. In the past, the task of the land surveyor was to trudge miles across the land, painstakingly recording all of the data by hand. Such a process could take weeks or even months if the terrain is inhospitable. Today, using drones to capture relevant data provides a quicker way to record information and create a detailed survey of your property. Here are three more ways that using drones can help a land surveyor produce the survey you need.

Greater accuracy

While data collected manually can only ever be as accurate as the individual recording it, drones have no such limitations. By working from known control points on the ground and using well-established techniques such as photogrammetry, it is possible to use data from the drone to create highly accurate survey maps that you will be able to trust for any purpose you have in mind.

More data points

A drone can easily capture much more data than an individual could in a reasonable time frame. This data could include elevation points, georeferences and even colours. Whatever data you are trying to capture, using a drone is probably your best option.

Greater impact

Using data from the drone, a land surveyor will be able to create 3D models as well as high-resolution orthomosaics. This flexibility will allow you to gain a greater understanding of what the survey represents than would have been traditionally possible. Bringing together the orthomosaic and the survey plans will provide a realistic visual representation of the land that can be used whenever you need to explain your plans to officials, stakeholders or members of the public.

Talk to your local land surveyor today and find out how you could use drone technology to help with your next project survey.