What Are the Benefits of Adding Window Awnings to Your Home?

As the green movement gains traction in recent years, the number of homes that feature window awnings continues to rise. When properly installed, window awnings keep the sun out, significantly reducing solar heat gain within a home. Now imagine the amount of money you'll save on your residential cooling bill.

In addition to making homes more energy-efficient, window awnings offer several other benefits to homeowners. If you're considering installing these window coverings in your home, below are some benefits you stand to gain beyond the potential energy and cost savings.

Window awnings can increase the kerb appeal of your home.

As they're fitted to the outside of residential windows, awnings contribute to the external appearance of a home. The good news is, they come in a wide selection of materials, shapes, colours and designs to match the architectural style of almost any home and blend in nicely with landscape features. 

As a result, they're the perfect way to protect your home from the elements while increasing the exterior beauty of the property. This adds to the market value of the home. If you decide to sell it at some point in the future, your window awning installation can be a major selling point of the property.

Window awnings provide protection from UV radiation.

When UV rays pass directly through your residential windows, they'll cause your furniture, rugs and other interior furnishings to fade prematurely. Window awnings not only protect your home from unwanted solar heat gains but also the UV radiation that can enter your home through the windows. This helps prevent the colour of interior furnishings from fading too fast.

Window awnings protect your windows.

Your windows deserve some sort of protection. Left untreated, they bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions such as driving rain, UV radiation, snow, ice, hail, and high winds. Installing window awnings ensures your windows have a layer of protection above them. This helps to minimise the need for window repairs while maximising the lifespan of your windows. 

You also don't have to shut your windows when it's raining because your awnings will prevent rain from leaking into your home.

Since they're exposed to the outdoor elements, window awnings can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time. Proper maintenance of these window coverings is a must to keep them functioning properly and looking nice. Contact a professional if you need help choosing and installing the right window awnings for your needs.