How Used Printers Differ from Refurbished Printers

Are you wondering whether you should replace your old office printer with a used printer or a refurbished printer? Read on and discover what the difference is between a used office printer and a refurbished office printer in case you are not able to buy a completely new piece of equipment. Used Office Printer A used office printer is a printer that has been put up for sale after being used for some time. Read More 

The Benefits of Differing Anode Materials

In the main, three metals are used as sacrificial anodes. They are magnesium, aluminium and zinc. When acting as a galvanic anode in a sacrificial way, they each protect metallic substructures which are buried, submerged or sometimes simply exposed to moisture in the air. They have differing properties, however, so it is important to know about these before selecting one metal for the job, depending on the application at hand. Read More 

Three Ways Name Badges Have the Power to Improve Your Business

Your marketing strategy should cover all aspects of your business - it's not just about the advertising materials you put out. Personalised name badges are a great way to help customers connect with your staff, and show that you're a company that values people. An employee with a name badge appears much more approachable than a nameless staff member, especially in a store with a high turnover of staff or lots of different customers. Read More 

How To Spot Big Deep Sea Fish From Your Charter Boat

If you're planning a day's deep sea fishing with your mates, you'll want to know how to spot those really big catches from the boat.  There are some sure signs that something huge lurks beneath the waves; read on to find out what to look for. Locating and catching bait Before you can start serious fishing, you will need to secure yourself plenty of bait.  Keep an eye out for patches of disturbed water with intermittent white-water pops. Read More 

Retro, Vintage, and Antique Jewellery - What’s The Difference?

When buying old jewellery, you'll notice that some pieces are marked as antique, some as retro, and some as vintage.  The category into which a piece falls can have a big influence on price and future value.  So, what's the difference between each and what factors determine the category into which a piece falls?  Read on for more information. Vintage jewellery For jewellery to be classified as vintage, it should be at least 20 years old. Read More